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What are the Steps to Use Naming Matters?
What are the Steps to Use Naming Matters?

How to get the most out of your Search on Naming Matters

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Enter the name you are interested in, and enter a description of how you plan to use it. Generally, a somewhat specific description will yield better results than a very general one. For example “audio tour guides” will yield more useful results than “travel information;” “leather messenger bags” will be produce more useful results than “bags."

Select ‘Visualize" to see your results. Our system will have selected the most relevant prior name users (identical and similar names), in the most relevant trademark classes. The closest (most threatening) hits will be displayed in the center of the visualization. Hover to learn more about each hit; or switch to List View for even more detail.

You can turn on and off trademark classes to change the result set that you see visualized.

Besides the most relevant classes the system has selected, the number of hits in each trademark class is shown in a box to the left of the visualization. This can be interesting; a large number of hits in a specific class may indicate that your name (or part of your name) is already highly associated with a different class of goods than your own. While probably not a trademark problem, this could be confusing for your customers, as your name use could put you in a market category that is different from where you want to be.

Once you have reviewed your visualization or list view, you can save your search to review or share later. Projects in the nav bar at top will get you to your saved results, which are viewable in both list and visualization form. You can also note a thumbs up (name looks good) or thumbs down (name has issues) for the name, to capture your assessment of that name’s promise or the threat level of the hits found. Searches can be shared with team members, once they have been saved, including your thumbs up/down assessment.

New searches (different name, different description of how you plan to use a name) can be initiated at the top of the Viz View or List View, without returning to the home page.

Your names can be saved to a specific project file, to better keep track of your work.

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